Teacher Support

Top Performer Compensation

Research shows that Catholic school teachers are drawn to the mission of Catholic education and believe in the importance of the work, but over time many cannot afford to stay and leave for public education positions which can pay substantially more. 

The Fund for the Future strives to increase teacher salaries for the best performers as a first step in teacher retention. A pilot program already in place through the Campaign for Catholic Schools rewards the top 20% of teachers with $10,000 base salary increases. Early results show these teachers stay and take on leadership roles.  

Impact: Up to 25 teachers (20% of full time teaching staff) will receive base salary increases of $10,000 annually. Teachers will be selected based on a variety of factors including student achievement, classroom performance, and leadership.

Principal Leadership Program

As part of a larger commitment by the Archdiocese of Boston to increase the number of qualified school leaders, the Principal Leadership Program will place new assistant principals in high performing schools. Assistant principal participants will be mentored by principals and supported by training from the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office and the Roche Center for Catholic Education at Boston College (in process).

Impact: Six new assistant principals will be trained at the Academies over five years, with a goal of hiring most, if not all, to Academy positions.

Teacher Support
Teacher Support

College Loan Forgiveness Program

The average college graduate leaves college with substantial college loan debt, impacting teachers at the early stage of their careers. Forty-seven percent of Academy teachers (60/129) are one-to-five-year teachers. Catholic school teacher retention studies indicate that one-to-five-year teachers are at greatest risk of leaving a Catholic school due to finances. It is noted that after 10 years of teaching, the retention rate for Catholic school teachers increases. 

The Fund for the Future strives to set up a loan repayment program for teachers who have recently graduated; those at greatest risk of leaving, who at the same time represent the talent pipeline for future leadership positions. The loan forgiveness program will provide monthly loan payment support, increasing over time.  As a requirement of the program, teachers must commit to teaching for two additional years once the program is complete. 

Impact: It is estimated that 50 Academy teachers would benefit from this program, providing a maximum of $10,000 per teacher.

Master's Degree Program — Pending 

The Fund for the Future strives to assist teachers who wish to pursue Master’s degrees in education by helping with tuition costs. Currently 33% of Academy teachers hold advanced degrees. Academy leaders regularly receive inquiries from teachers about tuition reimbursement and at this time no such program exists. Teachers who receive a Master’s Degree through this program would be required to teach an additional two years after graduation, or pay back the tuition costs.

Impact: It is estimated that up to 20 teachers would benefit from this program, providing an average of $25,000 per teacher. 

Teacher Support