Our Impact

No other institution in the United States that I know of has been as
successful at moving people from poverty into the middle class.
Catholic education has done an extraordinary job.

- Cardinal Seán O'Malley

Our work is focused where need is the greatest: inner-city neighborhoods, where a safe and nurturing Catholic school can make all the difference in a child’s life. In the past decade, support from individuals, corporations, and foundations has created two new regional Academies, renovated five school buildings, upgraded technology, created tutoring and fine arts centers, enhanced academic and extracurricular activities, and strengthened teacher programs.

Catholic schools, more than any other educational system, graduate students, especially those in underserved neighborhoods, and put them on the path to productive lives. 

Many factors contribute to the success of Catholic education and why families choose it:

  • EFFECTIVENESS: Catholic schools have a 97% high school graduation rate with 96% of graduates going on to post-secondary education; 92% attend four-year colleges.
  • AFFORDABLE: Average cost to educate a student is half that of most public-school systems. Schools are funded by tuition fees and philanthropy with no state support.
  • ASPIRATIONAL IDEOLOGY: Educators believe all have God-given talents and can achieve great things with hard work.
  • SOCIETAL BENEFIT: Graduates are more likely to vote, are more committed to service as adults, are more tolerant of diverse views, and have a higher earning potential.
  • WELCOMING: In urban schools, up to 40% of students are not-Catholic.

Our Projects

Trinity Catholic Academy
Trinity Catholic Academy
CCS' first project, Trinity Catholic Academy (TCA) spans two campuses, Lower Campus (2.9 through Grade 3) and Upper Campus (Grades 4 through 8), and educates 350 students each year. Thanks to the support of local pastors, business leaders, and generous donors, TCA will serve the needs of hundred of families in Brockton for years to come.
Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy
Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy
Educating 1,150 students ages 2.9 through Grade 8, Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy is the largest elementary school in Boston, educating 30% of all area Catholic elementary students. Founded in 2008, the Academy occupies three former parish-based Catholic schools and is under the leadership of a regional director and a lay board of trustees.